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Your New Favorite NYC Hair Color Salon

Whether you are a man or woman looking for the best of the INOA Organic hair color styling, we invite you to our NYC hair salon to enjoy the best, ammonia-free hair color experience that will give you the best hair color you have ever had.

INOA Organic Hair Color As The Odorless & Ammonia-Free Color Of The Future

At Albert Amin Salon, we pride ourselves on using the latest L’Oréal INOA organic hair color products that come without any harmful benefits. What stands for ‘Innovation No Ammonia’ is a breakthrough ammonia-free and odorless hair color treatment from L’Oréal Professional – and a service that delivers exceptional and permanent hair color results with great respect of your hair.

Lab-tested and certified for excellence, the L’Oréal INOA organic hair color solutions can now be your next hair color treatment – only in our New York City hair salon!

Darkening, Lightening Or Covering Your White Hair Has Never Been Better

The best thing about the L’Oréal INOA organic hair color is the fact that it is a perfect and permanent solution for darkening, lightening or covering white hair. Since it is ammonia-free and odorless, this product has been seen as a real technological breakthrough by many scientists, hairdressers and stylists.

The INOA ODS2 is the other addition that comes in along with the unlimited hair color options. INOA is a solution that is amazingly gentle on the scalp and thanks to the revolutionary technology helps in maintaining the natural level of lipids, amino acids and other beneficial ingredients vital to your hair’s overall health.

If you are looking for an elevated, transformed and complete hair coloring experience, our L’Oréal INOA organic hair color in NYC  is definitely for you. The rich oil-based delivery system will make sure to maximize the effectiveness of the hair color and give you a sensational look

The Absolute Best When It Comes To Hair Color Services

We believe that every guest in our New York City hair salon should enjoy the very best of a hair color service. That is why we are proud to offer our exclusive INOA organic hair color service created by L’Oréal, an absolute leader in the hair color industry.

Thanks to this color, you can experience the best results without damaging your hair. With the L’Oréal INOA organic hair color, the power of color is infinite – whether you are looking for a luminous blonde or a dazzling red.

Book an appointment in our NYC hair salon today and experience the extreme shine on your hair today!