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We are L'Oreal Professional Hair Color Salon NYC

At Albert Amin Salon, we take pride in being an L’Oréal professional hair color salon. Promoting the global leader in the professional hairdressing market is something we do with our full pride. Our mission is to elevate each and every one of the L’Oréal products and offer nothing but quality services in our NYC hair salon.

We are L'Oréal Professional Hair Color Salon In New York City

Our L’Oréal Professional hair color salon products offer a line of delicacy, superior quality and innovation. They are known as the very best in the industry – which is why our professional NYC hairstylists have decided to use them and master the perfect Organic Ammonia free hair color called Oréal. Each one of the L’Oréal Professional hair color salon products that we use has been tested under the highest quality standards of performance, comfort, security and sustainability.

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We are more than honored to have earned the title L’Oreal Professional hair color salon and take pride in offering the best L’Oreal hair care products and treatments in the New York City, Manhattan. As one of the most highly respected names in the industry, L’Oreal has always been a leader and a manufacturer known for the most beautiful hair color formulas, custom hair care lines as well as treatments that are proven to repair, enhance, strengthen, nourish as well as protect your hair and its natural glow.

A Team Of L'Oréal Professional Hair Experts You Can Trust

Our L’Oral professional  hair color salon experts in New York excel when it comes to in-salon hair color treatments, customized hair color looks and technical treatments using the line of L’Oreal products. We simple let you enter a world where styling is crafted by true professionals that are licensed and experienced to bring you the very best for your hair.

You can enjoy our natural, eco-friendly and top-quality L’Oreal hair care in NY that does not compromise on performance and is specifically tailored to your hair type, the color you want and the stylish look you deserve.

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Aside from hairdressers, we think of L’Oréal as a brand that should empower every hairdresser in the world to unleash the star in every woman. Book an appointment in our NYC hair salon today and give your hair the very best!