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If you have heard about this amazing way of making your hair healthier and shiny but never got to see a Brazilian Blowout Salon in NYC, things are about to change. We are proudly presenting our expert NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment to all men and women who are struggling to maintain their very curly or frizzy hair.

Albert Amin Salon is the place where you can experience the best Brazilian Blowout in NYC, which combined with the premium Brazilian Keratin treatment, can do true wonders for your hair making it healthier and stronger for months after your visit.

NYC Brazilian Blowout Treatment: Best Way To Smoothen Your Hair Today

Don’t actually know what’s the NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment all about?

Basically, it’s a treatment that recently became the gold standard in the hair realm because of its transformative qualities. In other words, there are tons of Brazilian Blowout treatment before and after photos that prove how revolutionary this treatment is.

Basically, our NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment is an in-salon experience that gives your hair the best liquid keratin formula, bonding it to create a protective layer around each strand. That way, it helps you effectively diminish frizz, seals the cuticle and provides an armor-like protection to any external damage. Although it originated in Brazil, the blowout treatment got to the NYC hair salons pretty fast – and Albert Amin Salon we are proud to take things to the next level.

Now, although there are a few similar treatments out there that adopt similar techniques, our expert NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment takes things from the expert level, giving you an original Brazilian blowout done by professional NYC hairstylists.


Still not sure what’s so special in the Brazilian Blowout treatment? Read below…

How Is The NYC Brazilian Blowout Treatment Different Than Other Keratin Treatments?

Although there are many Brazilian hair treatments in New York including the NYC Brazilian Keratin treatment, the blowout formula can be tailored to any hair type and is a little less precious post-treatment. Many people see the NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment as the next step from the Brazilian Keratin treatment and the one that makes it stronger.

Our professional in-salon NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment helps you tie your hair, style it and wash it the way you want it – unlike many other Brazilian hair treatments that don’t let you tie back, style or wash your hair afterwards. With the Blowout treatment, you are back to normal life as soon as the treatment is done.

At Albert Amin Salon, we see the NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment as the best way to completely straighten your hair if your hair is natural curly. And if you only want to tame your frizz, the Blowout treatment is once again a great choice, making your hair more manageable. The bottom line is that the NYC Blowout treatment can either preserve the texture of your hair or make it smoother.

Helping You To Safely Make Your Hair Strands Less Of A Burden To Work With

The NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment is safe on basically any hair type, improving its shine and keeping its moisture and protein levels. Although many people are concerned because of the formaldehyde in the formula, our professional NYC hair salon ensures that there isn’t any more in it than in your nail polish.

Although there is a very, very small amount of formaldehyde in the formula, the only situation in which breakage can occur with the NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment – is when it is done by an amateur. At Albert Amin Salon, our professional NYC hairstylists will ensure the best treatment and the safest results on your hair.

The overall NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment takes an hour to an hour and a half tops – where our NYC hairstylists begin by shampooing your hair 3 or 4 times until the product is removed and a base for the treatment to adhere is created. Working section by section, our NYC Brazilian Blowout formula will be applied to your hair from its roots to the tips and then blow-dried smooth. After that, it’s time for a shampoo bowl to rinse out the treatment followed by a deep conditioning mask.

The end result is a hair that is stronger, thicker, straight, shiny and more natural. The best part is that if you remove the shampoos that contain sulfates and chlorine from your shower, these effects could last up to four months or longer.

NYC Brazilian Blowout Treatments - The Choice Of Many Celebrities, Beauty Experts And Stylists

There are millions of women around the world recommending the NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment as the one-and-only solution to getting rid of the frizz, naturally straightening the hair and creating a protective protein layer that helps achieving a smooth and sleek result.

Now, it is up to you to choose the highest level of Brazilian Blowout certification in our NYC hair salon. At Albert Amin Salon, we are known as the true professionals offering Brazilian Blowout education and proudly possessing all the industry-level certifications.

Not only we rank as one of the top NYC hair salons when you search for ‘Best Brazilian Blowout NYC’ – we can prove you that our NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment is a choice of many celebrities, fashion icons and beauty experts in New York.

Since it is an iconic brand that many women recognize by its name, the NYC Brazilian Blowout service is regularly copied, imitated and reproduced by amateur hair salons or ones that hold no certifications in regards to it. That is why we advise you to be careful when booking your appointment.

Now, you have the chance to make your hair shiny, strong, frizz-free and 100% natural - thanks to our expert NYC Brazilian Blowout treatment.