NYC Brazilian Keratin treatment

We proudly introduce you to one of the most groundbreaking hair treatments ever invented – our exclusive NYC Brazilian Keratin Treatment. If you have heard about the Brazilians having great looking, natural and strong hair – there is something more than just their genes involved.

With frizzy hair becoming a major problem for women when it comes to hair care and hair management, it seems like there should be a NYC hair salon that provides a treatment that guarantees success.

Fortunately, the NYC Brazilian Keratin treatment is the best way to make your hair stronger and healthier – now exclusively offered in our NYC hair salon.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment In New York: The Best Way To Fight The Frizz

The tiny masses of curls and tuffs are a problem many men and women face nowadays. The Brazilian Keratin treatment in NYC, however, is able to put an end to this battle and end the frizz. Scientifically, constant frizz is a result of:

  • no or low moisture in the hair that results in dry hair that breaks
  • low proteins in the hair, which also leads to breakage
  • too much of anything on the hair, from coloring to blow-drying, causing damage over time
  • genetics, which are sometimes the main result of naturally frizzy hair

The NYC Brazilian Keratin treatment is by far the best way to end these drawbacks to a smooth and shiny hair. It is considered the best frizz-free recipe that the world has ever seen – now exclusively provided by our expert NYC hairstylists at Albert Amin Salon.

Stop By Our NYC Hair Salon Today For The Best Brazilian Keratin Treatment You Have Ever Seen

Albert Amin Salon is now the main destination for a frizz-free hair. Thanks to our natural Brazilian Keratin treatment in NYC, you can now restore the health of your hair and make it shine, resulting in a hair that is full of proteins, moisture and in proper health.

Our premium NYC Keratin treatment infuses your hair with all the essential proteins in order to de-frizz, smooth and make it easier to style. Not only you will be able to maintain it easily – you will have a natural and healthy hair even after the first treatment.

Without altering your hair’s curl structure, our expert NYC Brazilian hair treatment is powered by Keratin as the main answer, allowing you to have the sleek straight or a sleek curly hair you have been hoping for.

Why Is Our NYC Brazilian Keratin Treatment Special?

It took a lot of time for scientists to explore, test and discover the things that make our hair strong and healthy. As you probably guessed, today it is all about a treatment that gives your hair the proper moist, protein intake and conditioning that makes it stronger and healthier.

At Albert Amin Salon, we pride ourselves on our NYC Brazilian Keratin treatment process that includes a few important steps:

  • Step 1: Shampooing the hair with the Brazilian Gloss pre-treatment shampoo
  • Step 2: Towel-drying your hair and dividing it into sections so that the Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Gloss can be applied easily onto each section of hair
  • Step 3: Blow drying the hair and again dividing it into sections, after which a flat iron runs through each section of the hair in order to enhance its strengthening and smoothing as well as seal in the keratin bond to the hair shaft
  • Step 4: Rinsing the hair and applying the Brazilian Gloss After-Treatment Masque


Now that you know what this offer is all about…

Are you ready to treat your hair to the exclusive NYC Brazilian Keratin treatment?

Frizz-Free, Shiny And Smooth Hair For 12 Weeks After The NYC Keratin Treatment!

The results of the NYC Brazilian Keratin treatment are just awesome. Simply put, there is no better way to ensure that your hair is getting all the moisture, proteins and treatment that makes it shinier, stronger and healthier.

The Brazilian treatment has been around for years, but is a recent discovery in NYC hair salons. Ever since we launched it as a premium NYC hair treatment at Albert Amin Salon, thousands of women have witnessed the amazing benefits it has on all hair types. Women with curly hair have used it to straighten their hair – just like women with damaged hair used it to get natural keratin into the structure of their hair.

Even though your hair may be previously colored, the NYC Brazilian Keratin treatment works on all types and colors of hair. In fact, it is better if you decide to take care of your (probably damaged) colored hair – and ditch the hair creams for a natural NYC Keratin treatment that works.

From The Brazilian Blowout To Straightening: A Must-Have Treatment

You can finally make your locks shiny and glossy or straighten your naturally curly hair with a premium NYC Brazilian Keratin treatment that comes with no side effects and works on all hair types and styles. Long gone will be the brittle strands and the itchiness of your scalp – and you will be able to say hello to your natural and shiny hair that looks fabulous.

Book your appointment today and say goodbye to the dangers of damaged and broken hair

It doesn’t have to be a special event for you to consider the NYC Brazilian Treatment and book an appointment. Now, you can do that anytime at Albert Amin Salon – and rest assured of having a strong, frizz-free, shiny and smooth hair for months!