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Not happy with your current hair color?

Getting your hair colored is a massive trend nowadays. It adds life to the dull color, is able to cover gray perfectly well and most importantly – changes the way you look. However, there are also times when hair colors don’t look that good – and when the only solution is a professional NYC color correction.

Quick NYC Color Correction That Helps You Forget About Your Mistake

You bravely decided to change your hair color by yourself and the worst thing you could have imagined to happen – has actually happened. In times like these, a hair color correction in NYC seems like the only solution to regain your confidence back.

Although the NYC hair salon may not be close to your front door, it is the only solution to skip the shame and get a professional NYC hair coloring service that makes the most of your hair and accents its most beautiful sides.

At Albert Amin Salon, we are your one-stop destination for expert NYC color correction. We can resolve your hair color problems in a hassle-free and affordable way, helping you get rid of your over lightened, pre-pigmented, too dark or wrong color hair that is a result of amateur attempts.

How Can Our Expert NYC Color Correction Service Help You

There are a lot of levels involved in every color correction. For example, if you think that your hair color came out too dark and you want to enlighten it, the color should be taken out instead of put in. Unfortunately, this is something that many people don’t understand and leave their hair damaged by taking out protein and other important things from their hair.

In times like these, going to a professional NYC color correction salon seems like the best solution. Not only it will protect your hair from a ton of damage, an expert NYC color correction service will also spread out over a couple of weeks so that your hair remains healthy and shiny.

On the other hand, colors that turned out too light and need to be darker need a special refill. In cases like these, the expert NYC color correction service that we offer fills in the right amount of color until your hair gets to the desired shade and keeps all the natural benefits.

Corrective Hair Color NYC Must Be Performed By A Professional

In case you don’t know, corrective hair color is a process that must be performed by a professional NYC hairstylist that corrects all or any damage caused by a color service gone wrong. So, whether your honey blonde turned out to be platinum blonde or your warm brown ended up in black, you need a professional NYC corrective hair color process.

In reality, there are a lot of factors that account for a color service that goes wrong. Applying a hair color at home as a DIY project, for example, may turn out to be a complete disaster. That is mainly because of the porous properties of the hair and its ability to absorb more color than the average person. That is why every hair color demands a professional NYC hairstylist to apply it and ensure proper health for the hair.

However, some color corrections can be a result of a salon visit. In cases like these, it is important to work with someone who is experienced and skilled and won’t leave bleach or color on your hair too long. At Albert Amin Salon, we specialize in hair colors, extensions and highlights – offering you a NYC hairstylist service that is complete and doesn’t leave out a single detail.

Before You Come To Our NYC Corrective Color Hair Salon...

The single most important thing that many so-called ‘professionals’ fail to recognize are the signs of damage on your hair that lead to the color correction in the first place. Sometimes, the hair needs deep conditioning and re-hydration prior to the bleach or color. This is another reason why every color correction needs to be done by a professional NYC hair colorist.

You can now let our expert NYC hair colorists at Albert Amin Salon take care of your fragile colored hair. In most of the cases, there is a caution necessary to perform services on fragile hair, which is why every professional NYC hair color correction takes more than one visit to achieve the final result.

In order to set the correct expectations, you should always pay attention to the recommendations of your NYC hairstylist and ask questions. At Albert Amin Salon, we will make sure that you get an answer to every one of your question – and will assure you that applying hair color is a serious thing and one that you should leave to our professionals.

Our NYC Hair Color Correction Experts Will Take Care Of...

Albert Amin Salon is your all-in-one destination for professional NYC color correction services.

Our professional hair colorists in New York excel when it comes to fixing botched home hair color and other color disasters, remove unwanted hues and most importantly – help restore your hair’s health.

On top of that, we excel in making blonde less brassy, creating subtle tonal shifts in your hair, lightening or darkening your hair or any areas of it such as the ends or roots or returning your color to its natural shade. Whether it’s a NYC hair highlighting service or a hair extension, we will make sure that you get the hair color you deserve.

*Please note that our NYC color correction service may take more than one visit in order to maintain the health of your hair and prevent any additional damage.

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