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Changing the hair color tone is a tough pill to swallow for many men and women out there. We all know that it can get confusing at times – which is when you need a professional NYC hair colorist to take care of your new hair color.

Is it copper red? Or maybe warm brunette? Or light blonde?

At Albert Amin Salon, we take pride in assisting you with a hair color that perfectly suits your face and lifestyle. The variety of hair tones and shades combined with our experience and skill as a NYC hair colorist results in a hair color that refreshes you, highlights your hair tone, re-grows it or gives a unique gloss to it.

Add Color, Shine And Body Without Compromising The Hair Color And Quality

Our specialized NYC hair color service features the latest design techniques that make Albert Amin Salon one of the best NYC hair color salons. Each of the hair color services is made to give a special accent to your hair’s most prominent features, creating unique dimensions and texture while adding body and shine to it.

From all-over colors to Balayage highlights, accent lights, color melting, corrective colors, lowlights and more – our team of NYC hair color experts provides the best hairstylist services that tailor to your most specific needs and suit your lifestyle.

Our NYC Hair Colorist Will Nourish Your Hair And Enhance Your Style

Let our professional hair colorists in New York show you what gorgeous hair color looks like and enhance your unique style while balancing every shade of your new hair color to your skin tone and eye color. From highlights to all-over and fashion colors, we use the latest trends and technology to perfect our craft.

Even though you may want a different hair color every time you visit our NYC hair salon, you should rest assured that you will get the same impeccable service and a hair color that glows every single time. Visit after visit, we can help you enhance your natural color and craft a personalized custom hair color that fits your needs.

Expert NYC Hair Color Highlights, Bleach & Tone, Retouch And Fashion Color Add-ons

You can get the perfect blonde that suits your inner spirit, or the vibrant platinum that is a recent trend. No matter which color you choose, our NYC hair colorist team will make sure to create a new, all-over solid shade that lightens your current color and strengthens your hair so that it is soft an lustrous.

If you want a bleach and tone retouch in NYC, we can definitely help you. The retouch service includes a deep conditioning treatment that keeps your hair silky and strong. When it comes to color add-ons, our NYC hair colorist team specializes in all sorts of pastels, from intensely bold and vibrant ones to washed out colors. The dream color that you choose can be brought to life thanks to our special treatment. On top of that, we will help you maintain your new color add-on with a special home care plan in order to maintain your desired vibrancy.

Seasonal color changes are also something many women are aiming at in order to get a deeper and darker color in the winter days or replace that with a lighter shade before the summer kicks in. Our expert NYC hair colorists can guide you through the entire scheme of seasonal color change that starts with a consultation followed by the expert color change you deserve.

Hair Color Gone Wrong? Don't Worry, We'll Fix It

If your hair color has turned out completely wrong and changing it is a real emergency, our NYC hair colorist team is definitely your best choice. The wide range of color mishaps are all familiar with us, and we are able to restore your desired color and vibrancy with expertise and precision. From strengthening to conditioning, our corrective color service won’t leave out a single detail and may require more than one appointment and a consultation.

In case you are having highlights, you may want to do some reconstructive treatments leading up to your appointment – ones that will reinforce the integrity of your hair and help you maintain the vibrancy and volume.

All-In-One: Hair Colors, Highlights And Trendy Color Techniques

At Albert Amin Salon, we only work with the best hair care products and hair colors to help you get a color that looks perfectly natural, is strong and can be easily maintained. Only that way, you will be able to preserve your color for a longer time.

Whether you are looking for the OLAPLEX hair color add-on or any of the specialty trend color techniques and highlights including Ombre, Balayage or granny hair, Albert Amin Salon is your place to be for a NYC hair colorist service that matters – coming from a team of professional hair stylists ready to reinvent your appearance.

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