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Your New Favorite NYC Haircut Salon

Welcome to Albert Amin Salon, a professional NYC hair salon located on the Upper East Side, serving New York with expert men’s and women’s haircut services tailored to your most specific needs. What started as a simple interest for fashion and hairstyles has transformed into a full-time business where Albert Amin and his crew of professional, skilled and experienced NYC hair stylists offer you a chance to get the hairstyle of your dreams.

Whether you are a lady or a gentleman, our award-winning NYC hair stylists got your covered. Not only we will tell you what hairstyle best suits your head and face shape – we will make the most of it and exceed your expectations.

Short And Trendy Men's Haircuts In NYC Have Always Been A Trend...

There are a lot of NYC hair salons that offer men’s haircuts at affordable prices. However, it’s the details and trends that matter – and not a lot of them are able to keep up with any of the new stylish haircuts you can see around New York.

At Albert Amin Salon, we pride ourselves on following the latest trends in men’s fashion. Our exclusive NYC men haircuts are fresh, look fine on many men and will give you the modern look you have been trying to achieve for months. Newer, fresher and keeping up with the time, your hairstyle will be trendy and ready to pick up compliments from everyone.

Our NYC hair salon is run by its hairstylists and offers an experience you would love coming back to. Without any fuss or drama – Albert Amin Salon is a place to relax, have a great conversation and obviously, get the most modern and unique men’s haircut.

Each one of our men’s haircut services includes a personal consultation that matches your needs with the haircut that work best for your head and face shape. The relaxing shampoo massage and rinse post-cut are part of the finishing touches that will blend away your mature hair and give your hairstyle a modern facelift.

The NYC Women's Haircut Salon You Need To Check Out

Want to get a women’s haircut from a celebrity hair stylist in NYC?

At Albert Amin Salon, we have got you covered. Our NYC hair salon was voted as Best Hair Colorist in NY Magazine in 2010 and later on in 2012, was featured in NY Post during the Spring Fashion Week. Working with celebrities, models and other glamour stars. Specialized in the latest trends in women’s haircuts, our expert NYC hair stylists and hair colorists will help you pull off the most charming look this year.

Whether it’s a haircut, a color application or a blowout, a new hairdo can make you feel like a million bucks – obviously, when done in the right place. A women’s haircut customized just for you can be the best change you could bring to your appearance. At Albert Amin, we will make that change worth it – including a complete consultation prior to the haircut, a shampoo and conditioning rinse and finally, a great haircut.

Everything can finish well with a blow out and an explanation on how to help you style your new glamorous NYC hairdo at home. It takes up to an hour to get the soft, lively and healthy hair, but the benefits can last up to six weeks!

Our expert NYC women hairstylists will massage your scalp, prepare your hair for a facelift, give you the best women’s haircut and style your hair in the way you want it – or every way imaginable – whether it’s straight, slightly wavy or pulled back in a ponytail.

So, Are You Looking For The Best Haircut In New York?

Let us show you how we have been perfecting the art of hairstyling, hairdressing and haircutting in New York City for over a decade. Located in the Upper East Side, our NYC hair salon has received many certifications, awards and has been voted “Best of NYC” many times.

So, if you are looking for the perfect bang or fringe, a new buzz, expertly shaped curly hair or even bridal hair for your wedding – make sure to book your appointment at Albert Amin Salon and see why the perfect men’s and women’s haircuts are our specialty!

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