Done at the same time as color, highlights, balayage, or bleach; Olaplex Hair Treatment is added into your color or bleach formula. This will not affect the color result or grey coverage; however it may increase processing time for bleach, highlights, or balayage. Olaplex hair treatment Step 2 is applied after rinsing (and toning, if necessary). It will set for 10 minutes, then will be rinsed, shampooed, and conditioned.

Using Olaplex Bond Multiplier in color or bleach will protect hair from being damaged during that process. After hair is rinsed and towel-dried, the reparative treatment will commence as described above, to strengthen hair that has been damaged by previous chemical treatments, heat, and other factors.


How Olaplex Hair Treatment Works

Olaplex is a single ingredient in 3 steps process that is added before and after hair color treatments and other chemical services. It promises to preserve the integrity of the hair and essentially multiply the bonds within the hair shaft. In other words, Olaplex reconnects the broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair that were broken down during thermal, mechanical, and chemical services. It is also free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, and is never tested on animals.


olaplex hair treatment


Why Olaplex Hair Treatment Works?

Hair fibers, which can be very strong, are easily compromised by our use of styling aids and everyday wear and tear. To alter the state of our hair requires manipulating particular bonds within our hair shaft. Two of the bonds rearrange temporarily and then can form back together again. The salt bonds can break within the hair based on pH levels and when the appropriate pH level is neutralized, they come back together. Hydrogen bonds are very weak and can be broken with water or heat. After cooling, the bonds will return to their natural state.